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NJ Enacts Mandatory Health & Safety Standards to Combat COVID-19 Spike

HR/Advantage Advisory & Clark Hill PLC issued new info on the most recent NJ Executive Order on mandatory health & safety standards to combat COVID-19.

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Health Insurance Open Enrollment: Group Medical Plans

Did you know that health insurance open enrollment for group medical plans may help improve your coverage? Check out our blog post to find out more.

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A Complete & Simple Guide to Life Insurance Coverage

September is Life Insurance Awareness Month! Check out this simple and complete guide to life insurance, written by Jake Bobick of G.S. Newborn & Associates.

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Welcome to the Team, Jake Bobick: Life Insurance Expert

Jacob Bobick, CSA joins G. S. Newborn & Associates with more than twenty years of experience in the insurance industry as a life insurance expert!

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Tropical Storm Isaias: Filing an Insurance Claim

Today, many of you were hit by Tropical Storm Isaias, and some of you have been left without power and potential property damage. Here's what to do next.

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Who Needs Farm Insurance in NJ & Why it’s Important

Who needs farm insurance in NJ & why is it so important? It helps cover any gaps in coverage that might leave you liable. Read this post for some examples.

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Do I Need a Workers Compensation Policy in NJ?

The question, “Do I need a Workers Compensation Policy in NJ” is not as simple as it may appear. Read this article by Gary Newborn to find out more info.

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Rental Car Coverage: What Coverage Do You Need?

Renting a car? Here is an in-depth look at common insurance concerns for rental car coverage and what type of protection you might need.

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Independent Contractor vs. Employee: Do You Have A Choice?

Not sure if you or your staff should be classified as an independent contractor vs. an employee? This article will help answer your pressing questions.

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Personal Lines of Insurance: A Complete Guide

In this complete guide to personal insurance, we detail everything you need to know about personal insurance, from home & auto to everything in between.

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