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Does your auto policy provide the right coverage for you?

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Statistically, your most likely involvement as the target of a financially disastrous law suit arises from driving your car.

Is your auto coverage up to the task?

  • Higher limits are not very expensive, yet most carriers give you a low-ball quote with limits that are not even close to being adequate in these times.
  • Saving money by making your health insurance primary (instead of PIP) this only works if your health insurance does not have an exclusion that precludes this. Note: if you are coverage by Medicare, you may not make it primary over PIP.
  • The Myth of Accident Forgiveness – most carriers charge an extra premium for this feature so in fact, you are paying in advance for a future accident. The more years you have loss free, the more premium you pay for your first accident.
  • Rental Coverage – most carriers don’t quote this coverage or quote it with a minimal per day limit. This is a huge convenience if your vehicle is out of commission due to an accident and is surprisingly inexpensive to add to your policy.

Is your recreational vehicle protected?

We see so many folks who purchase high limits on everything but the toys! If you are a weekend warrior with your motorcycle, dirt bike, quad, or boat – make sure that you have high limits of liability and have this policy extended by your Umbrella.

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