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Your home is one of your most important investments, protect it.

The purchase of a home is one of the largest investments that most families make – you deserve the protection that only an experienced insurance professional can provide. A Homeowners Policy is a very broad policy with sweeping coverage that includes both property and liability coverages.

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Property Protection

Dwelling covers the structure of the house itself including everything that is “nailed down” such as fixtures, appliances, plumbing, electric and more. You should select a limit of coverage that is enough to rebuild or repair the structure in the event of a covered loss.

Other Structures includes any detached building such as a garage, shed, pool house and more. This is automatic coverage up to the limit (usually ten percent of the amount of coverage on the structure) that is attached to the policy. You may always increase your coverage for this area if your values exceed ten percent.

Personal Property is intended to cover your items within the home that are not “nailed down” and would include things such as clothing, furniture, rugs, sport equipment and more. There are provisions to cover these items anywhere in the world while you are traveling as well. We recommend that you make sure that your policy includes Replacement Cost coverage for Personal Property so you are fully covered for the replacement cost of any item, regardless of the age or condition of the item.

Loss of Use protects you for your extraordinary expenses if you must live outside of the home for a period of time due to a covered peril. This is an important safety net for your family.

Liability Protection

A homeowners policy provides you with broad coverage in the event that you are held legally responsible for bodily injury or property damage to another party. In this case, “you” means the named insured, resident spouse and resident family members. The limit shown on your policy is for any judgement or settlement for such a claim against you. The policy also includes the legal costs to defend you from such a suit with no limit.

Medical Payments are for injuries to others that occur on your property. There is no need to establish your legal responsibility for the injuries, so you may think of this as a good-will coverage.

Important Considerations

Flood coverage is not provided by a Homeowners Policy and may be purchased separately. Did you know that 25% of all floods happen to those outside of established flood zones where you are not required to purchase flood insurance to satisfy your mortgage company? Contact us for more information or for a quote for Flood insurance.

Jewelry, Artwork, and Antiques are covered under the policy but for only limited values. If you have any of these types of items, we suggest that we add them to your policy to get adequate limits and broader coverage. Contact us today to discuss what special items you have and the best way to protect them for the lowest price – you may not even need to get an appraisal.

Vacancy may trigger a reduction in your coverage. If your home is going to be vacant or unoccupied for a period of time, contact us so we can discuss the limitations of your policy.

Farm Buildings and Liability. If you qualify for Farmland Assessment or do any type of farming on your property there are important coverage considerations. Buildings used in business or farming may be excluded from the Others Structures coverage. Some forms exclude these buildings even if they are not used in farming but were originally designed for use in farming. Most Homeowners Policies exclude all liability arising from Farming or other Business Pursuits. Contact us – we are experienced farm insurance professionals and we can help you fill in the gaps that your farming or business exposures may create.

Service Line Coverage is a newer form that is available from most carriers to protect you from damage to underground service lines from certain perils. The replacement of a water or sewer line may cost thousands of dollars. Contact us if you would like to make sure that your policy covers these types of losses.

Our experts can provide guidance in selecting the right Homeowners Insurance Policy for you.

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