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Risk Management For Contractors and Business Owners

What Is Risk Management? Risk Management is the process of dealing with potential loss by a business or operation. The scope of Risk Management goes beyond purchasing an insurance…

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Personal Lines of Insurance: A Complete Guide (Updated 9/4/21)

Buying insurance for your home, automobile, motorcycle, boat or other personal assets seems like one of those routine, necessary things that everyone must do but no one wants to…

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Surviving Your Workers Compensation Audit

If Benjamin Franklin were around today, he might change his famous quote to, “In this world, nothing is certain but death, taxes, and a workers compensation audit.” Why Is Your…

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How, And From Whom, You Buy Your Insurance Matters

We are inundated each day with branding, messaging, and advertising. With the advances in technology and social media, it seems to be everywhere all at the same time. And it…

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Navigating the World of Medicare

Written By: Jacob Bobick, Account Executive Few topics garner as much attention for new (or experienced) retirees as the federal Medicare program. When I got my start in the…

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Are You Covered By Your Personal Auto Policy for Business Use of Your Vehicle?

Ride Sharing, Pizza Delivery, and More Examples of Using Personal Automobile for Business Jane uses her Honda Accord a few evenings a week while she drives for Uber. Jim, Jr. uses…

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Why Businesses Should Consider Cyber Liability Insurance

Our lives are increasingly digital. A year ago, who even knew what a “Zoom” was and now it may be the single largest gathering location. More and more of us are working from home,…

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NJ Enacts Mandatory Health & Safety Standards to Combat COVID-19 Spike

Our friends at HR/Advantage Advisory and Clark Hill PLC have issued some excellent information on the most recent NJ Executive Order. This is important for all NJ business……

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Health Insurance Open Enrollment: Group Medical Plans

Did you know that open enrollment for group medical insurance plans may help you improve your health insurance coverage? There is a lot of discussion nationally about health…

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A Complete & Simple Guide to Life Insurance Coverage

Written by: Jacob Bobick, CSA Do You Need Life Insurance? September is Life Insurance Awareness Month! It’s probably not marked on your calendars - because it doesn’t sound all…

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Welcome to the Team, Jake Bobick: Life Insurance Expert

Jacob Bobick, CSA joins G. S. Newborn & Associates with more than twenty years of experience in the insurance industry.  He is licensed in Life, Health, and Property/Casualty…

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Tropical Storm Isaias: Filing an Insurance Claim

Today, many of you were hit by Tropical Storm Isaias, and some of you have been left without power and potential property damage. If you’ve experienced property damage, we want to…

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